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Small introductory mini-faq.
  1. General

    1. What is "MathNet"?
    2. Who maintains/administers MathNet if I need help not given here?
    3. How can I add items to this wonderful FAQ page?
    4. How do I ask a question the smart way?
    5. What are the policies/procedures for handling personal/private information at UBC?
  2. Computer Laboratories

    1. Where are the computers labs located and what do they have?
    2. How and when can I access these labs?
    3. What rules govern the use of these labs?
    4. My terminal/thin client is not working. What should I do?
  3. User accounts

    1. How do I apply for a MathNet account?
    2. What happens to my account when I leave?
    3. Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy?
    4. What is a good password?
    5. How do I change my password?
    6. How do I change my default MathNet Unix shell?
    7. I can't seem to log in to the Windows hosts. What's wrong?
    8. I can't seem to log in to any hosts. What's wrong?
    9. What is the "MathNet" folder on my Windows desktop?
  4. Network Resources

    1. What hosts are available for me to use?
    2. Can I connect my laptop/personal computer to the network?
    3. What network parameters do I need to know to set up a host?
    4. How do I use the wireless network?
    5. How do I log in to a MathNet Unix machine from a remote network?
  5. Email

    1. How do I set up outgoing mail?
    2. How do I read my MathNet Email?
    3. How do I set up autoreply messages (like vacation messages)?
    4. How to use pine without having to type in the password every time?
    5. How do I forward Email to another Email address?
    6. What are the risks of using an Email auto-reply?
    7. How can I filter (or automatically sort) Email?
    8. How do I export my mailbox to another Email account (like Gmail)?
    9. How do I minimize the amount of spam I get?
    10. What kind of Email or virus attachments does MathNet reject?
    11. My Email didn't arrive or I didn't get Email? Where did it go?
    12. Do you have Email lists for various groups in the department?
    13. What is phish and why you should never divulge private information over Email?
    14. Why do I get an Email accusing me of sending viruses/spam?
    15. Why is the practice of Emailing large attachments to many recipients discouraged?
    16. How do I set up a mailing list?
    17. How do I manage the mailing list?
    18. Why is the practice of Emailing attachments using proprietary formats
    19. How do i apply for UBC FASmail mailbox?
  6. Web

    1. I want a personal web page. What do I need to do to set one up?
    2. How do I update my profile on the Department Personnel web page?
    3. How do I create a password protected web folder?
    4. Is there a web site that is only available to our department?
    5. Some of my web pages can't be viewed. How do I fix this?
    6. How can I access the MathSciNet E-Journals?
    7. Can I submit a picture/caption/web page to the department's home page?
    8. How do I handle complaints from Firefox that another browser is running?
    9. Can I get access to my home or web directory from a Windows machine?
    10. How do I get Firefox to use xpdf as my PDF reader?
    11. How can I get Firefox/Linux to render the fonts larger?
    12. How do I get Firefox to run an external application on a particular file type?
    13. How to update our Seminar/Colloquia Events page?
  7. Printing

    1. What public printers can I use and where are they located?
    2. Are there any print quotas or printing restrictions/guidelines?
    3. Can I remotely send print jobs to MathNet printers?
    4. Where does/did my printout go?
    5. What do I do when the printer is out of paper or toner?
    6. How do I print on one/both side(s) of the paper?
    7. Why did my printout come out single-sided despite setting the duplex option?
    8. How do I enable/disable two-up printing?
    9. My printouts aren't centered on the page but are offset. Why is this?
    10. Someone has sent me a print-ready file formatted for A4 paper. What do I do now?
    11. How do I set the printer that my print jobs should go to?
    12. How do I order a toner cartridge for my printer?
    13. How do I cancel a print job?
    14. How to print exams to Xerox photocopiers located in the photocopy room?
  8. Backup and File Storage

    1. What are my storage quotas?
    2. Can I access my home or web directory from a Windows workstation?
    3. I have deleted/overwritten my file. Can I recover the lost data?
    4. Can I backup data from my personal workstation?
    5. What is the "MathNet" folder on my Windows desktop?
    6. What are your policies regarding the use of temporary/scratch disk space?
    7. How do I use use Nextcloud/ownCloud to share, receive, or distribute files?
  9. Software

    1. Site-licensed software
      1. Do you have anti-virus software that I can download and use free of charge?
      2. Do you have a site license for Maple?
      3. Do you have a site license for Matlab?
      4. How do I get free installation of Microsoft software?
      5. How do I get UBC MS Teams, MS OneDrive, MS OneNote or MS Office 365?
    2. TeX/LaTeX
      1. How do you make a PDF document from a TeX/LaTeX formatted file?
      2. Do you have letter templates suitable for official department correspondence?
      3. Where can I find software to produce TeX/LaTeX documents?
  10. Virtual Private Servers

    1. What is my VM specs and its bundle softwares?
    2. How to create and use a virtual server?
    3. How to mount/unmount MathNet home directory using sshfs?
  11. A/V Teleconference System

    1. What is MATH 126 AV teleconferencing system?
    2. How do I book MATH 126 AV teleconferencing system?
    3. Can I borrow the laptop/projector/AV equipment/etc.?
    4. How do I do video presentations in room MATH100/MATX1100?
    5. How do I apply for UBC Zoom Video Conferencing Account?
  12. Miscellaneous

    1. I would like to purchase a PC/workstation. What/where do you recommend I buy?
    2. How should I dispose/recycle computers and other electronic waste?
    3. How do I compile and run Java programs?
    4. How do I encrypt a file?
    5. How do I encrypt my MacOSX/Windows machine to be compliant with privacy regulations?