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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Windows mounts home directory]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Windows mounts home directory]

Question: Can I access my home or web directory from a Windows workstation?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Jan 24, 2006

Yes you can, but only within the MathNet network. You must ask the IT staff to set up a Samba account for you. Samba is an integration software that will allow a Unix host (file server) to interoperate with Windows computers. It will work best if you use the same password as your Unix account since it won't pester you with a password prompt.

After setting up your Samba account, you can mount your Unix home directory by

  1. Right-clicking the "My Computer" icon and choose "Map Network Drive ..."

  2. Enter this information:
    • Drive Letter: choose a convenient drive letter.
    • Location: Enter this to mount your home directory, but replace user with your account name:
      Caution: you should not mount this location to access your web directory (via a symbolic link created in your home directory) since the default permissions on files transfered will be wrong. Mount the following location instead.
    • Location: Enter this to mount your web directory:
    • Reconnect at logon: check this box if you want your home directory mounted everytime you log in.

  3. Click "Finish".