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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Personal Computer/Laptop]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Personal Computer/Laptop]

Question: Can I connect my laptop/personal computer to the network?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Sept. 14, 2011

If you want to connect to the wireless network on campus, you do not need anything from the MathNet IT staff. The wireless network is managed by the campus IT staff. You should look at this FAQ entry instead:

How do I use the wireless network?


If you require cable or wired network access, your computer will have to meet need to meet these conditions:

  1. You must be a current MathNet user: that means you are a recognized guests or member of this department, and furthermore, have an approved application to use our IT facilities to ensure

    1. you agree to our usage policies; and
    2. we have contact information for you.

  2. Your PC/laptop has met minimum security standards: an insecure computer compromises the security of this network, and can cause problems for other users. Your computer should be regularly have system updates applied.

    It is also a good idea to have some anti-virus/anti-malware installed. UBC makes Cisco AMP available for all UBC members, free of charge.

    Do you have anti-virus software that I can download and use free of charge?

    Windows users could also download a free copy of Microsoft Security Essentials.

  3. You are not to run unauthorized services: there are some network services that are insecure, disruptive, or require abnormal amounts of network resources. This may include many peer-to-peer applications, Skype supernode or unsecured authenticated services.

    You may be asked to stop, or reconfigure network services hosted on your computer.

  4. Follow our usage policies where applicable::

    Acceptable Usage Policy

Information supplied by the user

  1. The network port you will use: each room that has a wired network receptacle labelled CCTxxxxxx. Please submit this CCT# (and room location) to the IT staff.

  2. The hardware (MAC) address of your network card: if you are using automatic network configuration (DHCP), you'll need to supply the MAC hardware address of your network card. Be careful not to confuse the wireless network address with the Ethernet card address. The MAC address is 6-hexdigit pairs formatted like 00:08:1a:3b:c6 or 00-08-1A-3B:C6. You can use the following methods to find your MAC address. (If you can't figure out which entry applies, send the entire output.)

    	(Linux: using command line)
    	/sbin/ifconfig -a
    	(Windows: using command line terminal cme.exe)
    	ipconfig /all
    	(MacOSX: using command line)
    	ifconfig -a
    	(MacOSX: using System Preferences)
    		=> (choose Ethernet interface from left menu)
    		=> Advanced ...
    		=> Hardware
    		=> ... read MAC Address ...

    If you require a static (manual) network address, please inform the IT staff.