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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Department E-Mail Lists]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Department E-Mail Lists]

Question: Do you have Email lists for various groups in the department?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Jul/2021

Usage Guidelines

  1. Use the smallest list that suits your purpose: don't automatically use the full department mailing list when a smaller subset will do. Notices about quasi-convex-8-dimension-Riemann-surfaces shouldn't be sent to staff as they're not interested dimensions <10; limit it to reserach groups.

  2. Remove extraneous information: when forwarding Email, trim non-essential parts like signatures, headers and irrelevant text. Also redact links that may leak personal infromation of perform actions on your behalf (like unsubscription links).

  3. Please consider the folowing when attaching data:

  4. Our department mailing lists will only accept mail from our campus mail systems. Do not send to these mailing list from personal Email accounts (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), nor from another insitution or your ISP's mail account. Use our webmail facility or authenticated mail service to send mail to these lists.

Mailing List Structure

       |         |         |         |         |    
    emeritus  faculty    staff   graduates visitor 
		 |                             |    
       +---------+---------+         +---------+    
       |         |         |         |         |    
  faculty-res lecturer faculty-el   misc   postdocs 
       |                   |                   |    
       +-------+------+    |         +---------+    
       |       |      |    |         |         |    
     prof    assoc assist  |        pdf    resassoc 
                 |         |          |             
             prof-el    assoc-el  assist-el         

(Append to complete these Email addresses.)
  • department: Everbody
  • emeritus: Faculty Emeritii
  • faculty: Active Faculty
    • faculty-res: Research Faculty
      • prof: Full Professors
      • assoc: Associate Professors
      • assist: Assistant Professors
    • faculty-el: Educational Leadership Stream Faculty
      • prof-el: Professors of Teaching
      • assoc-el: Assistant Professors of Teaching
      • assist-el: Assistant Professors of Teaching
    • lecturer: Lecturers
  • staff: Staff
  • graduates: Graduate Students
  • visitor: PDFs, RAs, guests, visitors, etc.
    • postdocs: official (appointed) visitors
      • pdf: Postdoctoral Fellows
      • resassoc: Research Associates
    • misc: those not categorized elsewhere

In addition, there are various ad-hoc internal mailing lists for niche purposes.