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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [UBC FASmail mailbox]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [UBC FASmail mailbox]

Question: How do i apply for UBC FASmail mailbox?
Date: Aug 31, 2020


The UBC Faculty & Staff Email (FASmail) service is an enterprise email service for eligible staff, faculty and student employees of the University of British Columbia.

Documentation and References

Getting Started

*Send a request directly to UBC IT by fill in...
The "FASmail Service Request Web Form" (*Ignore "For Departmental Administrators only")
and ask for FASmail mail box with FASmail alias, "".


*Note: Make sure to supply these options...
[Requestor Type]
Service* [ FASmail User Mailbox ]
Request Type* (x)Add ( )Modify ( )Remove

[Technical Details]
- User's Email Alias*
(x) email alias
[ firstname ].[ lastname ]

*If you want to forward FASmail to your MathNet email, ask UBC IT do it or you can do if by yourself after you got your UBC FASmail account

Forwarding UBC FASmail to UBC Math Dept. email

Once it's done, you can send an email to our department office manager ( manager(at) ) and ask her to add your new UBC email alias to UBC Directory.

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