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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Personal Web Page]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Personal Web Page]

Question: I want a personal web page. What do I need to do to set one up?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Aug 27, 2008

Unlike other sites, you cannot create your own web directory (typically a folder named "public_html") in your home directory. Instead, you must make a request to the IT staff to create a web directory for you. The web directory will be created outside your home directory so that your private files are not mixed up with your public files. Your web directory will be placed in

Unix pathname /nfs/HomeWeb/username
Public Windows Folder Desktop -> MathNet -> Web
Windows (Samba) UNC \\samba\HomeWeb

where username is your account name. Your web directory is mapped to the URL

If you use a file transfer application (e.g. sftp) to populate files, take special care to set the file permissions correctly. For more information on this topic, see the FAQ item.

Some of my web pages can't be viewed. How do I fix this?

You may also want to link your page to your name listed in the Department's public Personnel Directory. To do this, you'll have to update your profile by logging in to the MathNet User Services site.