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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Change shell]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Change shell]

Question: How do I change my default MathNet Unix shell?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Aug. 24, 2010

You can use this Unix command:

	# If you are on a Solaris systems (output of "uname" is "SunOS")
	passwd -r nis -e

	# If you are on a Linux systems (output of "uname" is "Linux")
	yppasswd -l

Before you change your shell, consider these points:

  1. You will not be using the default login script which has been set up to for the MathNet network. You should take a look in the default setup in
    to make analogous changes to all executable search paths, environment variables and other settings.
  2. Test your login script carefully as a mistake could leave you without a working shell.
  3. Alternate shell may be installed (or be recognised) by all our servers, which may creates problems logging in to those servers.