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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Public Printers]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Public Printers]

Question: What public printers can I use and where are they located?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: 2018-09-21

The following printers are for general use. The are accesible from the Unix command line via the "lpr" command, or from the Windows print window, and from various applications that handle their own printing. These printers are only accesible from the local network; if you are in an external network such as the UBC wireless, you will have to remotely log in to a local computer and submit your print job from there.

Name Model Location Features
apple1 HP M605 MATX 1101 (foyer) duplex
cider1 HP LaserJet 4350 LSK 202 (common) duplex
butter1 HP M608 LSK 126 (common) duplex
cup1 HP M607 LSK 303 (common) duplex
null4 data sink N/A fake
pulp1 HP M605 MATH 125 (common) duplex
spew1 HP M608 AUDX (common) duplex


For Unix usage, there are different print queues that will go to the same physical printer. By adding '2' or 'd' (double), or '1' or 's' (single) to the printer name, you can force the printout to be single or double sided. The default is usually double-sided. For example,
lpr -Papple1 -> single-sided
lpr -Papple2 -> double-sided
For Windows and MacOSX, you can select the duplexing via the printing properties menu page. Again, the default is usually double-sided.
Due to the cost of materials, you must arrange for access to use this printer. All Faculty and Staff have automatic. access.
Only FluidLab members should be using this printer.
The default printer for all public hosts. This "printer" does not print anything; you must set the the printer to something else if you expect a printout.