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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Defunct Account]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Defunct Account]

Question: What happens to my account when I leave?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Nov. 3, 2010

When are you considered gone?

Your computer account is a privilege of your membership with this department, so when you have officially ended your stay here, your account will be deactivated. The reasons for departure is typically graduation, reaching the end of a research or teaching appointment, resignation of employment, retirement, or some other reason. Faculty retain the use of their accounts if they become an emeritus.

The IT staff usually get notice of a departure by an administrative staff member who oversees a particular personnel group; sometimes the departure date is stated on the computer account application. Once the IT staff get notice of a departure, the IT staff will issue an Email notice to the account owner that their account is slated for removal.

It is important that the IT staff be made aware of any changes or errors regarding departure date. If you receive an erroneous notice that your account is being deactivated, contact the IT staff immediately.

What happens when your account is taken offline?

The following computer privileges will be revoked upon your departure:

  • Authentication: any authenticated services (i.e. you supply a username and password) such as interactive logins, remote mail services, authenticated web services (e.g. WebMail, MathNet User Services, Internal Website, etc.) will not be available.
  • File storage: your personal data will be archived. This includes private data such as your Email messages, personal web pages, SVN data, etc. (See below on how to retrieve archives after your departure.)
  • DHCP/DNS registration: any laptops or computers registered to you will be de-registered, and will not be recognized as having network privileges.
  • Personnel listing: a notice will be sent to the office to remove your entry from the Department Personnel directory.

Transitional services we offer?

We offer the following transitional services for ex-department members.

  • File archival: data stored on our storage device (which includes your Unix home directory, the "Common" folder on our public Windows workstation, your web folder, your personal Email messages, etc.) are archived. This can be made available to you for download after your account is taken offline. Please notify the IT staff that you want this service, and instructions will be sent to you on how to download your files.

    If access to your personal data is required immediately after the account is taken offline, you should make copies of your data to personal storage devices (e.g. laptop, thumb drive).

    When you have settled at your new location, you can Email the IT staff for instructions as to how to retrieve your archived data. You may also elect to migrate some of your data to a new location before your account is taken offline.

  • Email forwarding: messages sent to your former Email address can be forwarded to another Email address. If you've set up your own Email forwarding, it will cease to work after your account is archived; you should arrange forwarding with the IT staff before your account is deactivated to ensure continuity of service. Forwarding will stay active for one year to give you enough time to update your correspondees and mailing list subscriptions to your new address.
  • Web forwarding: access to your personal web URL
    can be redirected to a new URL. As with Email forwarding. you should arrange this prior to your account deactivation to ensure continuity of service.