UBC Probability seminar


Location: Zoom or live at UBC
Time: Wednesdays, 3:00–4:00

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Upcoming Talks

Mar 30 (3 PM, PIMS Lounge) Markus Heydenreich (LMU Munich)
An infrared bound for the marked random connection model

Past Talks

Mar 23 (3 PM, zoom) Ernie Croot (Georgia Tech)
On a conjecture of Graham on the p-divisibility of central binomial coefficients 2n choose n
Mar 16 (3 PM, zoom) Michael Damron (Georgia Tech)
Dynamical first-passage percolation
March 9 (2 PM, zoom) Lucas Teyssier (University of Vienna)
Cutoff profiles: from transpositions to more general graphs
Mar 2 (3 PM, PIMS Lounge) Jiwoon Park (University of Cambridge)
The scaling limit of the 2D discrete Gaussian model at high temperature
Feb 16 (11 AM, zoom) Nicolas Curien (Université Paris-Sud Orsay)
Parking on Cayley trees and Frozen Erdös-Rényi
Feb 9 (3 PM, zoom) Jacopo Borga (Stanford)
The skew Brownian permuton: a new universal limit for random constrained permutations and its connections with Liouville quantum gravity
Feb 2 (11 AM, zoom) Gal Kronenberg (University of Oxford)
Independent sets in random subgraphs of the hypercube
Jan 26 (3 PM, zoom) Roland Bauerschmidt (University of Cambridge)
Percolation transition for random forests in d≥3
Dec 1 (3 PM, zoom) Peleg Michaeli (CMU)
Greedy maximal independent sets via local limits
Nov. 24 (3 PM, PIMS Lounge) Ismaël Bailleul (Rennes and UBC)
Kinetic Brownian motion in the diffeomorphism group of a closed Riemannian manifold
Nov. 17 (3 PM, zoom) Fabrice Baudoin (UConn)
Sobolev spaces and L^p-Poincare inequalities on nested fractals
Nov. 10 (3 PM, zoom) Dominik Schmid (Bonn & Princeton)
Mixing times for the TASEP with open boundaries
Nov. 3 (3 PM, zoom) Daniel Hadas (Tel Aviv University)
Random high-density packings of 2x2 tiles on the square lattice
Oct. 27 (3 PM, PIMS Lounge) Zoe Huang (UBC)
Degree centrality and root finding in growing random networks
Oct. 20 (3 PM, PIMS Lounge) Emmanuel Michta (UBC)
High-dimensional near critical percolation and the torus plateau
Oct. 13 (3 PM, zoom) Zhen-Qing Chen (UW)
Periodic homogenization of discontinuous Markov processes
October 6 (3 PM, PIMS Lounge) David Stenlund (UBC)
Moments of occupation times on spider diffusion rays

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