UBC Probability seminar


Location: ESB 4127
Time: Wednesdays, 3:05–4:00

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Upcoming Talks

Feb 8 Jonathan Hermon (UBC)
On the universality of fluctuations for the cover time
Feb 15 Andrea Ottolini (University of Washington)
March 1 Ahmed Bou-Rabee (Cornell University)
March 8 Emilio Corso (UBC)
March 15 Michael Choi (National University of Singapore)
March 22 Sarai Hernandez Torres (National Autonomous University of Mexico)
March 29 Jacopo Borga (Stanford)
April 5 Yevgeniy Kovchegov (Oregon State U)
April 12 Jason Schweinsberg (UCSD)

Past Talks

Feb 1 János Engländer (UC Boulder)
Tree builder random walks
Jan 25 David Aldous (UC Berkeley)
The Critical Beta-Splitting Random Tree Model
Jan 18 Dor Elboim (Princeton)
Infinite cycles in the interchange process in five dimensions
Jan 11 Matt Junge (Baruch College)
Ballistic Annihilation
Dec 7 Mathav Murugan (UBC)
Conformal Assoaud dimension as the critical exponent for combinatorial modulus
Nov 23 Yinon Spinka (UBC)
Stochastic domination and (non)amenability
Nov 2 Amites Sarkar (WWU)
Bootstrap percolation in random geometric graphs
Oct 26 Anthony Quas (UVic)
Stability and Collapse of Lyapunov Spectrum
Oct 19 Mark Holmes (U. Melbourne)
Cyclic birth and death chains and a combinatorial conjecture
Oct 12 Gordon Slade (UBC)
Finite-size scaling for the 4-dimensional multicomponent hierarchical |phi|^4 model
Oct 5 Jacob Richey (UBC)
Finding the source of a random process
Sept 28 (3PM, ESB 1013) CRM Fields PIMS Prize Colloquium
Sept 21 Yucheng Liu (UBC)
Continuous-time weakly self-avoiding walk on Z has strictly monotone escape speed
Sept 15 (11AM, joint with DG/MP/PDE) Soumik Pal (UW)
Stochastic gradient descents on graphs and a new McKean-Vlasov limit
Sept 14 Alejandro Ramírez (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
KPZ fluctuations of the planar stochastic heat equation

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