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The University's online registration system will handle most situations automatically. If your situation is not covered, first browse the Frequently Asked Questions on our Undergraduate Advising page.

Expert Intervention

Registration in undergraduate Mathematics courses is overseen by the Mathematics Undergraduate Chair. In exceptional circumstances, the Chair can override some of the rules built into UBC's online system. If you need to add a course or change sections for one of the reasons listed below, submit your request using our advising web form to the Mathematics Undergraduate Chair, making sure to include the course and section number.

  1. UBC Requirements:  The course is required by your degree program and must be taken in the present term for technical reasons.
  2. Varsity Athletic Commitments:  You are on a UBC Varsity team, and your team commitments require you to take a particular section of a course. You must have a letter from your coach, stating dates and times of commitments. Submit your request using our advising web form to arrange transfer of supporting documentation. (You may also be asked to produce the original.)


The following are not sufficient reasons for expert intervention.

  1. I want to be in the same section as a friend.
  2. I prefer a specific instructor.
  3. A specific instructor has given me permission.
    [Individual Math instructors are not authorized to make registration changes.]
  4. I want to optimize my schedule.
  5. There are empty seats in the room.
    [Section sizes are not determined by the number of seats in the room. The Department determines the student/instructor ratio using other criteria.]
  6. I want to be in a section that conflicts with another course.
    [Students may not sign up for a Math course that conflicts with another course, even if that course is completely asynchronous.]

Dropping a Math Course?

UBC's online system makes it easy to drop a course yourself, provided you do so before the add-drop deadline. Students who wish to drop a course after the deadline should consult the Advising Office in their home Faculty.