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For many students, the earlier they begin to see a connection between their academic studies and future careers the more engaged they become in their studies. Currently BSc students cannot experience learning in the context of the education profession until they graduate with their Science degrees. Thus, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education have established a new dual degree program for UBC Science students looking towards an eventual professional career as teachers. Numerous teacher supply studies over the last ten years have consistently identified math and physical sciences as areas of short supply. This is true for British Columbia, but the need is found across Canada, in Britain, the US and Australia as well.

This concurrent program offers capable students in eligible programs the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc., Major) and a Bachelor of Education degree (B.Ed.) in Secondary Education in five years. After completing all the requirements, students are normally eligible for a British Columbia Professional Teaching Certificate.

Application for admission to the program is made through the Science Information & Advising Centre ( see ) Course Listing for BSc/BEd dual degree in the Fall of second year after gaining admission to the appropriate major program in Science and must receive approval from the Faculties of Science and Education. All students will initially be accepted on a provisional basis and given access to Faculty of Education courses beginning in term two of second year. Admission will be confirmed only after successful completion of year two of the Science major and the in-school practicum in May following second year.

Admission at any time is conditional; maintenance of good academic standing and an average of at least 65% in each session are required throughout the program. In addition, students must participate in volunteer or work experience with youth aged 13-18 to meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Education program. Students must satisfy all of the degree and program requirements for both the major in the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Education Secondary program. Some individual courses may be considered to satisfy requirements for both degrees.

The Dual Degree program is currently open only to students pursuing a Major in Mathematics or Physics.

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