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The Mathematics Department is pleased to offer summer research positions for academically high-achieving undergraduate students. The NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs) and Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Awards (WLI URAs) give students the opportunity to work with a faculty supervisor, acquiring valuable research experience in an academic setting. This opportunity is also useful for enhancing students' resumes, for those interested in enrolling in a graduate program or for helping to decide a future career route.

Position Details
The normal duration of these research position is 16 weeks of full-time work in the summer. Applicants must be willing to be on campus every weekday during the summer, and not be taking summer courses. At the end of the research position, students write a short report on their activities.
The minimum stipend for these awards will be $7,500. 00


  • Applicants must have a strong academic standing, an average of over 80% in Mathematics Courses.
  • NSERC USRAs - If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, check UBC NSERC website for eligibility details.
  • WLI URAs - If you are an international student, check the Work Learn International website Work Learn International website for eligibility details.
  • Students who are offered positions but do not meet this criteria will not be able to accept positions.

How to Apply
The deadline for applications is February 5, 2021.

  1. Check the list of projects available- what areas of Mathematics are you interested in? Projects will continue to be added until mid-January so keep checking back. You are encouraged to contact the supervisors of any projects posted to express an interest.
  2. Or create your own opportunity. Approach a Faculty member about a research area you are interested in, are they willing to supervise you? General information about research being carried out in the Department can be found on our Research tab.
  3. Confirm eligibility using the links above. Are you eligible with a valid work permit to work on campus in the summer?
  4. Canadian citizens or permanent residents applying for NSERC - Also need to fill in an NSERC Application, Form 202 Part I and include your transcript (front & back - does not need to be an official transcript). Send this PDF and the Mathematics application to
  5. International students applying for WLI - Send a PDF of your transcripts (front & back - does not need to be an official transcript) and the Mathematics application to

Contact the Resource Coordinator, Allen Yang at