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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Vm usage]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Vm usage]

Question: How do I use my VM?
Date: Aug 27 2012

We need to create a virtual server for you first before you can access it. Email IT help support to request for a virtual server. Tell us who you are and who your supervisor is.

How to access it: Via SSH and use X11 tunelling technique.

Windows: Download SSH Client here.

Or Putty SSH

Download Xming Xserver and install it on your Windows


Open a Terminal and type ssh -X {username}
Example: ssh -X"

Hostname is provided in the email.
The host name should look similar to ""

Login/Passwd are the same as your MathNet
After you login, your VM will NOT mount your MathNet Home directory. This is for security reason to protect your files

To mount your MathNet home directlry securely, we use sshfs.
For your convient, we created a sshfs script in "/usr/local/bin/mathfiles". Just type 'mathfiles' for usage.

NOTES: Use Xrpa/Screen for running app nohup remotely.

GUI Virtual Desktop using SPICE protocol To be added